Arousal, Orgasm, and Stress

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women regularly experience sexual difficulties. The most common sexual problem women face is low libido, or poor arousal. This issue frequently leads to difficulty reaching orgasm, which leads to frustration that further undermines arousal.

The hidden culprit is stress. Career stress, relationship stress, parenting stress… all these eat at a woman’s natural reserve of libido, destroying her capacity for passion and orgasm.  They also create a pervasive atmosphere of anxiety in her life.

In fact, anxiety remains the single most common psychological problem associated with sex and sexual intercourse. Studies show that majority of people have experienced some anxiety related to sex.

The irony is that just 20 minutes of intercourse or other sexual stimulation releases the lust-enhancing hormone dopamine, which triggers a relaxation response that lasts up to two hours.

What’s A Woman To Do?

The answer is: relax deeply. Deep relaxation techniques- such as yoga, Tai Chi, or self-hypnosis- not only relax the body and insulate it against stress, they also reinforce your ability to relax and make it easier to relax whenever needed.

Of these relaxation techniques, hypnosis is by far the most powerful for women whose libidos have been undone by stress, because it trains your brain to create new responses.

Hypnosis has a long history of success in treating anxiety plus a wide range of sexual issues. Recent studies using advanced brain scans have demonstrated the power of hypnosis to influence the brain and body, to overcome pain and many psychological complaints, including common sexual challenges.