Bigger Better Orgasms

For bigger better orgasms and improved lovemaking, you need to build up your PC muscles. That means learning Kegel exercises. The pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, at the pelvic floor, spasm when you have an orgasm. If they are in good shape, more blood will flow to the pelvic area during arousal and the PC muscles will contract more strongly, making orgasms last longer and feel more intense.

Control Your Pelvic Muscles

Both men and woman can use the following techniques to make orgasms longer, stronger, more intense and, ultimately, more healthful. The secret to better lovemaking is learning to do Kegel exercises, a simple way to strengthen PC muscles. To do them, squeeze the muscle you use to voluntarily hold back your urine. Hold for two seconds and then release. Repeat 15-25 times, three times a day.

Control Your Movements

As you approach orgasm, try speeding up your breathing and then tensing any set of muscles in your body except your buttocks. This will help you to stay near a peak state of arousal without pushing yourself over into orgasm. During another session of lovemaking, practice squeezing your PC muscles.

Control Your Arousal Levels

While lovemaking, learn to control your arousal levels. With each stage of arousal, learn to relax a bit and move slightly backwards in your arousal to the ate before, so that you are not always becoming more and more aroused. When you reach a high state of arousal, just before the point where you would normally orgasm, squeeze your PC muscles and change your breathing, then change your movement or rhythm so that you gently let yourself move backwards to the arousal state before your peak. Keep this up as long as you can.

Control Your Mind

Most importantly, learn to control your mind to amplify your arousal and the intensity of your orgasms. There is no more powerful influence over the quality of your lovemaking than the control of your own mind. Hypnotism and other advanced relaxation and deep influence techniques can help you control your lovemaking and experience much better orgasms.