Sexual Health and Hypnosis

Problems with sexual health most frequently have both a physiological and a psychological component. The physiological component often involves low hormone levels, side-effects of prescription drugs, or some structural physical challenge. The psychological component is nearly always some form of anxiety.

The most common problems of sexual health that men face are 1) premature ejaculation, and 2) erectile dysfunction. Both these complaints usually have a significant psychological component known as sexual performance anxiety. Though these sexual health problems may originally have a physiological cause, sexual performance anxiety arises because of the fear that the problems will reoccur. The anxiety nearly always makes the problems worse.

The most common problems of sexual health that women face are 1) low arousal, and 2) inability to reach orgasm. Women’s sexual problems tend to be more complex than men’s, and they nearly always involve anxiety. A woman having trouble experiencing orgasm may also experience sexual performance anxiety, but it is likely that her anxiety is also related to a range of other issues from relationship insecurities to body image worries.

Hypnosis has a century long history of success in treating problems with sexual health in both sexes. Hypnosis is especially useful in overcoming many forms of anxiety, including sexual performance anxiety.

To address any underlying physiological sexual health issues, please get a referral from your medical doctor. Sexual health problems can also be treated by qualified sex therapists. To begin your search for a qualified sex therapist, contact the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists at 1-804-644-3288 or