Stop Faking Orgasms

Why do so many women fake an orgasm occasionally? Is it just too little foreplay? Listen up, guys! Usually, they’re trying not to insult you.

There you are working away… but it isn’t really working for them. So they politely throw in a few moans and go through the right moves so that you can end your efforts. It’s kind of like you made her a great home cooked meal, and even though she didn’t really like it much, she was enthusiastic enough to you how wonderful it was, just because you tried so hard.

Studies show that most women have faked and orgasm at one time or another. Who can blame them? They are as stressed out and overwhelmed as the next person. The most common reasons that women fake orgasms are 1) they weren’t in the mood in the first place, 2) or they were too stressed out, or 3) there was a lack of adequate foreplay.

Guys, you can help her get over the need to fake her orgasm. It’s not a matter of some secret technique. Take her on a real date for a change. Set the mood at home with low lights and her favorite music. Light a candle. Learn to really listen to her. This stuff may sound corny, but it works better than the most sophisticated sexual position you can find.