Lack Of Lust

Low sexual desire- a genuine lack of lust- has reached epidemic proportions. Arousal problems now affect millions of women. In a comprehensive study from the University of Chicago’s National Health and Social Life Survey, one woman in seven reported problems with arousal and one in five reported low sexual desire.

A new study, released by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, reveals that sexual dysfunctions such as low arousal and lack of interest in sex, occurred in one quarter of the women surveyed. This follows on a well-publicized study revealing that 43 percent of women feel distressed about their sexual lives.

Where Has All The Arousal Gone?

What has happened to women’s natural experience of lust and arousal? According to The Kinsey Institute, women feel a lack of overall fulfillment, which undermines their emotional well being and satisfaction in their relationships with their partners. Sexual arousal is a much more psychologically complex process for a woman than for a man. A woman needs to feel safe, to be able to trust her partner, to experience subtlety increasing sensory stimulation… And the simple fact is that women’s lives have become too difficult, too stressful, for many of them to experience normal arousal.

Arousal Reborn

Lust can be rekindled by applying a few first rate de-stressors. Men know that a glass of champagne, candlelight, a little mood music, or even a bubble bath and a massage, can do wonders for a woman’s state of arousal. But beyond these popular forms of relaxation is a vastly more powerful approach that has a long and successful track record of deepening sensuality and increasing arousal. That approach is hypnotism.