Male Multiple Orgasms Through Hypnosis

Guys, want Male Multiple Orgasms? Sure you do. And you can get there. You can become multi orgasmic… but it will take a little practice and discipline. Here are the four types of male multiple orgasm you can learn to master.

Male Multiple Orgasm #1 is a non-ejaculatory orgasm in which a man has an orgasm but inhibits ejaculation using the PC muscle. After several orgasms he ejaculates (or not in tantric sex).

Male Multiple Orgasm #2 is called multi-ejaculation, in which a man has several orgasms in a row, all accompanied by full or partial ejaculation. This is common among young men.

Male Multiple Orgasms #3 is an intense orgasm and ejaculation, followed by less intense orgasms, or “aftershocks.” This can happen as a natural consequence of being good at male multiple orgasm #1. Or, it can be accomplished by deliberately applying the mental control used in #1.

Male Multiple Orgasm #4 is an orgasm and ejaculation, a period of rest and another orgasm and ejaculation. The first three do not involve loss of erection, but #4 does. The trick is to shorten the rest period (the refractory period).

Male Multiple Orgasms Bottom Line: Yes, you can learn to do this. You should learn to do Kegels, exercises for the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles at the floor of your pelvis. They’re not difficult. But most importantly, you should learn enough mental control to navigate your own arousal levels. That way you can learn to reach a peak state of arousal and have orgasms without experiencing the involuntary step of ejaculation.

That kind of mental control can best be acquired through hypnosis. Clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen has developed a special CD called Ultimate Orgasm that teaches how to control the peaks and plateaus of arousal that lead to intense orgasms. It comes with a full one year money back guarantee. Males really can have powerful, intense and multiple orgasms that bring ecstasy to their whole bodies.