Masturbation Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a) Wish masturbation was more pleasurable?
b) Wish sex alone was less boring?
c) Wish sex alone was as good as the best sex you’ve ever had?

Why shouldn’t sex with yourself be as good as the best sex you’ve ever had? Why not? Because it’s sex alone? Because sex by yourself means your arousal is weaker? Because your body and mind don’t seem able to produce the same sensations without another body there beside you? Because you know that your orgasms are never the same when you pleasure yourself? Says who?

Better Than Ever

Sex with yourself can be as beautiful and intense each time you do it as the best sex you’ve ever had. Sex with… just you? How is that possible?

Sex alone can be supreme because: your body and mind have proven themselves capable of producing that level of sensation at least once before. That moment is your best sexual memory.

Sex with yourself can be a lot more than manual stimulation of your genitals. All you need for fantastic sex with yourself is the key that allows you to access the inner levels of your primal brain, in order to evoke the highest level of physical responses. Then sex alone becomes as good as it gets.

The key to more fulfilling self-sex experiences is to use advanced hypnotic programs to adjust the intensity of your physical responses. Your imagination and your subconscious are the doors to more intensely sensual  sex with yourself. Advanced hypnotic programs hold the key to unlock these doors, whenever you give yourself sexual pleasure.

Any scenario you can imagine can be heightened and sharpened with advanced hypnosis, and used to give yourself sexual pleasure. The level of your arousal—and even the intensity and frequency of your orgasms—can be put under your own control with the right program. Advanced versions of the same techniques have been used for decades to lessen pain, heal wounds faster, and eliminate anxiety. These same techniques can now be used to give you control of your physical responses, and transform your sexual experiences with yourself and others.