Orgasm Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a.) Have trouble reaching climax?
b.) Wish your climax was deeper?
c.) Wish you could have multiple orgasms?
d.) Wish you could climax at will?
e.) Wish you could have screaming thrashing peak sexual experiences?

Did you answer “Yes”?

You can have more intense, longer, deeper orgasms, even multiple orgasms, with advanced hypnotic programs from international renowned clinical hypnotist Wendi Friesen. Wendi is highly accomplished at assisting women to experience a greater sensuality and a more profound sexual pleasure. Some of her programs on enhancing sexual experience have received national press and coverage on national television such as Spike TV and Lifetime.

Orgasm On Demand

Not only is Wendi famous for helping women achieve more powerful orgasms with her hypnotic programs, she recently released an absolutely amazing new DVD demonstrating how lovers can hypnotize each other to achieve orgasm at will, even without direct sexual stimulation, merely by the touch of a hand on a wrist or by hearing your lover’s voice. Press this page for more information on the mind blowing program titled The Big O.