End Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety cripples people in their social lives, their jobs, and their bedrooms. Performance anxiety is a major contributing factor to a wide range of sexual problems. In fact, performance anxiety is one of the most common problems contributing to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This condition can also result in lowered self-confidence, relationship difficulties, and sometimes other forms of sexual dysfunction.

Viagra and similar drugs Levitra and Cialis were designed to treat erectile dysfunction, and they are tremendously successful. However, much of the problem of erectile dysfunction, for many men, is a form of performance anxiety, the same condition that makes people anxious about public speaking, or overly shy at parties.

Fortunately, much performance anxiety, like most other forms of anxiety, can be treated with out the expense and side-effects of drugs. Hypnosis in particular has a long track record of success in treating anxiety, including anxiety-related impotence.

Hypnosis Conquers Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety leading to erectile dysfunction is usually rooted in the male’s perception of a sexual encounter as some kind of confrontation or test in which he will be judged by his performance. Men too often forget that sex, especially to a woman, is a form of sharing and intimacy more than it is a contest. When men view sex as a challenge or performance, their brains switch on ancient flight-fight responses. Since they can neither fight nor flee, they become anxious and their erections suffer. With each occurrence, anxiety increases.