Your Brain Is Your Most Powerful Sex Organ

What sex organ gives you your most intense pleasure? That’s right: your brain. Now you can learn to maximize your brain’s potential for pleasure…

Stress and anxiety can destroy a good time in bed. If your mind isn’t in the right place, it won’t matter how healthy you are or how expert your moves. If your mind isn’t in the right place, then you won’t enjoy sex… and your partner probably won’t either.

The most powerful male sex organ is undoubtedly his brain. A guy’s problems are usually in his head whether he wants them to be or not. What are men most afraid of? Erectile dysfunction? Premature ejaculation? Ask any guy who ever had a performance problem and he’ll tell you: his biggest worry is that it might happen again. Studies show that anxiety is enough to cause it to happen again, or at least to take a lot of the pleasure out of something that is supposed to be the ultimate pleasure.

The most powerful female sex organ is also unquestionably her brain. If you don’t believe me, ask any woman how her libido is doing when she’s stressed out by her job, her kids, or her relationship. The answer: Zip. Nada. Anxiety destroys libido in women just as it undermines performance in men.

Exercise Your Most Powerful Sex Organ

Like any other sex organ, your brain needs exercise to function at its best. Otherwise stress and anxiety will take their toll on your sex life.

The most powerful exercise for your mental sex organ is mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsal is the use of active imagination and memory to teach yourself to perform, just as Olympic athletes do.

For this to be successful, you need to be in the right frame of mind (positive, upbeat, and self-confident) as well as the right state of mind (an alpha to theta brain wave state)

The best way to practice mental rehearsal for maximum sexual performance and enjoyment is to use advanced hypnotic programs to take you to the optimal mental state. High tech brain scans of hypnotized subjects have proven that hypnotism powerfully impacts the brain, giving control over pain responses and other bodily functions.

With hypnotism, you can uncover your true sexual potential- radiant sensuality and absolutely ecstatic orgasms.