Advanced Sex Tricks

Think you know every sex trick in the book? You’ve read the Kama Sutra, and taken a class in Tantra? You know how to find her g-spot, how to control your ejaculations, and exactly how to perform the Venus butterfly technique? Or, do you know about his friendly frenulum, the mysteries of the perineum, and what he likes best about his prostate?

Great, Now It’s Time For Advanced Sex Tricks.

Really advanced sex tricks do not necessarily involve difficult yoga positions or memorizing secret acupuncture points. The advanced stuff is mostly in your head. If you are pretty healthy and know how to please your lover, then the next steps have to do with mastering mental control of your own levels of arousal, mentally controlling the timing and intensity of your own orgasms. The ultimate in these techniques involves being able to mentally control (with permission) your partners arousal and orgasms as well.

Learning Advanced Sex Tricks

The mental techniques that develop really advanced mental sex tricks are similar to the mental rehearsal methods used by Olympic athletes. These techniques bypass conscious control of your body, to influence your limbic brain centers by manipulating memories and visualization. This can be done by learning meditation, using biofeedback or neurofeedback equipment, or by undergoing advanced hypnosis with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Hypnotism is the most dependable method for accomplishing the necessary control, and is also the easiest to use.