Oral Sex: Fellatio, Whether You Like It Or Not

Oral sex, fellatio, B.J.s. Men naturally want women to perform fellatio on them. Men much prefer that women enjoy performing oral sex, and may even feel insulted if they don’t. Women on the other hand, may experience more complicated feelings about fellatio. Many women don’t like it at all, and the best they can manage is to fake their way though it.

This very common problem with oral sex can cause all kinds of relationship difficulties. But it doesn’t have to. Read more “Oral Sex: Fellatio, Whether You Like It Or Not”

Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Yes, you can. Both women, and men. No kidding…
Hypnosis is an ideal tool for teaching your body and mind to experience multiple orgasms. Every woman can achieve multiple orgasms—whether they know it or not! However, women are often depleted by stress and exhaustion at the end of the day. They may feel inhibited by a new relationship or by some other factor. Fortunately, advanced hypnotic programs can not only help women overcome stress and fatigue, they can also help amplify sensuality and help women re-experience previous peaks of sexual intensity. Read more “Achieving Multiple Orgasms”

Hypnotic Male Aphrodisiac

Men are experiencing an epidemic of premature ejaculation and various forms of erectile dysfunction, and so they are searching for some kind of male aphrodisiac formula that can solve these problems. For many men, the solution is Viagra, Cialis, or some other pharmacological solution. However, many other men would prefer a more natural way of overcoming their problem, like herbs. Read more “Hypnotic Male Aphrodisiac”