Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Yes, you can. Both women, and men. No kidding…
Hypnosis is an ideal tool for teaching your body and mind to experience multiple orgasms. Every woman can achieve multiple orgasms—whether they know it or not! However, women are often depleted by stress and exhaustion at the end of the day. They may feel inhibited by a new relationship or by some other factor. Fortunately, advanced hypnotic programs can not only help women overcome stress and fatigue, they can also help amplify sensuality and help women re-experience previous peaks of sexual intensity.

The Hypnotic Path to Multiple Orgasms

Women achieve orgasm – and multiple orgasms- by going through several well documented stages of arousal. Women are capable of different types of orgasms either sequentially within a short period, or in succession. Of course these experiences become more easier with a knowledgeable partner (a good lover). However, women can open themselves to much more frequent and intense orgasms by training their own minds to produce these peaks more easily. The best way to this is with hypnosis.

One advanced hypnotic program that has a track record of helping women achieve multiple orgasms was developed by renowned clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen. The program, Ultimate Orgasm, teaches the mind to enter progressively more intense levels of sexual passion, and to sustain them, so that multiple orgasms can be achieved.

Mind Control: The Ultimate In Sex Techniques

The ultimate in sex techniques is sexual mind control. Real mind control starts not with NLP and hypnotic techniques to seduce and brainwash your date, but in using similar techniques to control your own mind, and therefore your own sexuality.

Mind Control: Controlling Who?

Mind control is a double-edged sword. Want incredibly hot sex, frequent and intense orgasms, and an ultimate sense of self-confidence? Then use the same advanced hypnotic techniques of mind control to master our own mind and life. Real mastery is not about controlling others; it’s about real personal transformation though controlling your own mind first. Then power to influence others comes naturally.

Mind Control Disasters

Here’s a secret most advanced hypnosis websites won’t tell you: Covert hypnotic and other erotic mind control methods will eventually backfire without the necessary mastery of your own psyche. Why? Because the holes in your own psychology will cause you to seek power over others in ways that will undermine your own interests. Have you ever noticed a self-conscious emotional wreck of a man trying to covertly hypnotize a woman in a bar? Trying too hard… confusing n inflated ego with self-confidence?

These people are mind control disasters waiting to happen. When they succeed with women, they believe it’s because of the techniques they learned. And when they fail, they believe it’s because of who they are as men… Don’t let this happen to you!

Control Your Own Mind and Sex Life

Real self confidence, success with women, and an incredibly hot sex life are not the results of a trick or a combinations of tricks. You can definitely get there, but it requires dedication. Sure, advanced hypnotic and NLP programs are powerful…but, as they say about drinking: use them responsibly. Work own your own head first. Master your mind first, and you’ll master your sex life.

Masturbation Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a) Wish masturbation was more pleasurable?
b) Wish sex alone was less boring?
c) Wish sex alone was as good as the best sex you’ve ever had?

Why shouldn’t sex with yourself be as good as the best sex you’ve ever had? Why not? Because it’s sex alone? Because sex by yourself means your arousal is weaker? Because your body and mind don’t seem able to produce the same sensations without another body there beside you? Because you know that your orgasms are never the same when you pleasure yourself? Says who?

Better Than Ever

Sex with yourself can be as beautiful and intense each time you do it as the best sex you’ve ever had. Sex with… just you? How is that possible?

Sex alone can be supreme because: your body and mind have proven themselves capable of producing that level of sensation at least once before. That moment is your best sexual memory.

Sex with yourself can be a lot more than manual stimulation of your genitals. All you need for fantastic sex with yourself is the key that allows you to access the inner levels of your primal brain, in order to evoke the highest level of physical responses. Then sex alone becomes as good as it gets.

The key to more fulfilling self-sex experiences is to use advanced hypnotic programs to adjust the intensity of your physical responses. Your imagination and your subconscious are the doors to more intensely sensual  sex with yourself. Advanced hypnotic programs hold the key to unlock these doors, whenever you give yourself sexual pleasure.

Any scenario you can imagine can be heightened and sharpened with advanced hypnosis, and used to give yourself sexual pleasure. The level of your arousal—and even the intensity and frequency of your orgasms—can be put under your own control with the right program. Advanced versions of the same techniques have been used for decades to lessen pain, heal wounds faster, and eliminate anxiety. These same techniques can now be used to give you control of your physical responses, and transform your sexual experiences with yourself and others.

Male Multiple Orgasms Through Hypnosis

Guys, want Male Multiple Orgasms? Sure you do. And you can get there. You can become multi orgasmic… but it will take a little practice and discipline. Here are the four types of male multiple orgasm you can learn to master.

Male Multiple Orgasm #1 is a non-ejaculatory orgasm in which a man has an orgasm but inhibits ejaculation using the PC muscle. After several orgasms he ejaculates (or not in tantric sex).

Male Multiple Orgasm #2 is called multi-ejaculation, in which a man has several orgasms in a row, all accompanied by full or partial ejaculation. This is common among young men.

Male Multiple Orgasms #3 is an intense orgasm and ejaculation, followed by less intense orgasms, or “aftershocks.” This can happen as a natural consequence of being good at male multiple orgasm #1. Or, it can be accomplished by deliberately applying the mental control used in #1.

Male Multiple Orgasm #4 is an orgasm and ejaculation, a period of rest and another orgasm and ejaculation. The first three do not involve loss of erection, but #4 does. The trick is to shorten the rest period (the refractory period).

Male Multiple Orgasms Bottom Line: Yes, you can learn to do this. You should learn to do Kegels, exercises for the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles at the floor of your pelvis. They’re not difficult. But most importantly, you should learn enough mental control to navigate your own arousal levels. That way you can learn to reach a peak state of arousal and have orgasms without experiencing the involuntary step of ejaculation.

That kind of mental control can best be acquired through hypnosis. Clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen has developed a special CD called Ultimate Orgasm that teaches how to control the peaks and plateaus of arousal that lead to intense orgasms. It comes with a full one year money back guarantee. Males really can have powerful, intense and multiple orgasms that bring ecstasy to their whole bodies.

Hypnotic Male Aphrodisiac

Men are experiencing an epidemic of premature ejaculation and various forms of erectile dysfunction, and so they are searching for some kind of male aphrodisiac formula that can solve these problems. For many men, the solution is Viagra, Cialis, or some other pharmacological solution. However, many other men would prefer a more natural way of overcoming their problem, like herbs.

The most common herbs used in male aphrodisiac products often include Yohimbe, Tongat Ali, Epimedium, Catuba, Muira Puama, and Maca. These herbal aphrodisiacs have been proven though numerous studies internationally to have some effect on libido and male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

These herbal approaches to male aphrodisiac formulas have only one real drawback: they are usually nervous system stimulants and can lead to high blood pressure. This makes them dangerous for anyone who already has hypertension (high blood pressure), heart problems, diabetes, anxiety and panic attacks.

Regrettably, many men searching for a male aphrodisiac have exactly those medical problems. Not only that, but many men with these medical and sexual issues experience sexual performance anxiety, further undermining their sex lives. These are frequently the people who should be extremely cautious in using any stimulant.

One completely natural solution acts like a male aphrodisiac in conquering male sexual dysfunctions is advanced hypnosis. Hypnotism has been used successfully for decades to treat men’s sexual problems, and it is especially beneficial for men dealing with stress and anxiety. Because hypnosis treats unconscious psychological components of sexual issues and has no side effects, it can even be used together with herbal formulas or even drugs like Viagra.

Prescription drugs and male aphrodisiacs are not the only solution.

Lack Of Lust

Low sexual desire- a genuine lack of lust- has reached epidemic proportions. Arousal problems now affect millions of women. In a comprehensive study from the University of Chicago’s National Health and Social Life Survey, one woman in seven reported problems with arousal and one in five reported low sexual desire.

A new study, released by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, reveals that sexual dysfunctions such as low arousal and lack of interest in sex, occurred in one quarter of the women surveyed. This follows on a well-publicized study revealing that 43 percent of women feel distressed about their sexual lives.

Where Has All The Arousal Gone?

What has happened to women’s natural experience of lust and arousal? According to The Kinsey Institute, women feel a lack of overall fulfillment, which undermines their emotional well being and satisfaction in their relationships with their partners. Sexual arousal is a much more psychologically complex process for a woman than for a man. A woman needs to feel safe, to be able to trust her partner, to experience subtlety increasing sensory stimulation… And the simple fact is that women’s lives have become too difficult, too stressful, for many of them to experience normal arousal.

Arousal Reborn

Lust can be rekindled by applying a few first rate de-stressors. Men know that a glass of champagne, candlelight, a little mood music, or even a bubble bath and a massage, can do wonders for a woman’s state of arousal. But beyond these popular forms of relaxation is a vastly more powerful approach that has a long and successful track record of deepening sensuality and increasing arousal. That approach is hypnotism.