Tantric Sex and Hypnosis

Tantric sex is not your average experience of lovemaking. It’s a lot more than a nice raga as background music, some scented candles, some special oils, and then a meet between the sheets. In tantric sex, men and women breathe together. The prime tantric sexual position, Yab Yum, is performed sitting up and is powerfully hypnotic. Men have orgasms but they don’t ejaculate. Women have orgasms, and they do ejaculate (a very sacred thing in tantra).

In tantra, everybody’s having orgasms, but the point is not the orgasms. The point is profound intimacy- at least on a personal level- and the possibility of union with the divine that intense sexual ecstasy can sometimes provide.

If all these tantric sexual notions seem a bit heady for you, then relax. You can experience many of the benefits of tantric sex without joining a cult.

The essence of tantra practices lies in the fact that couples can learn to become multi-orgasmic together. Couples can learn to breath together as they move their bodies together. They can learn to rhythmically bring each other to an ecstatic peak without pushing the men over into involuntary ejaculation. Exercising the PC muscles in both men and women (doing Kegels) is crucial to this.

These tantric sexual practices are similar to modern western sexual practices known as plateauing and peaking, in which breathing and concentration, as well as some PC muscle control, are used to repeatedly bring both partners to climax without ejaculating- at least for the first few times. This is a learnable skill. Not only that, it can be aided by hypnosis.

Sex, Stress, and Hypnosis

According to Harvard Medical School, an estimated 60 to 90 % of visits to doctors involve stress-related complaints.

Less well known is the fact that most sexual complaints are stress-related. Stress driven anxiety is the single most common psychological problem associated with sex and sexual intercourse.

Even complaints like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or low libido- which are physiologically based problems commonly caused by low hormones- have a stress and anxiety component, since stress is well documented to influence the production of sex hormones.

Studies show that majority of people have experienced some stress and anxiety related to sex. Fortunately, stress and anxiety can be treated by a variety of non-medical means such as relaxation techniques like meditation or hypnotism.

Hypnotism for Less Stress and Better Sex

The advantage of using hypnotism to treat these common sexual problems is precisely that it is so successful at treating stress and anxiety. Instead of merely lowering stress, hypnotism actually teaches the body to control stress and anxiety.  In the process it knocks out the main psychological factor in all major sexual dysfunctions. This is because it works so effectively on the brain itself. Several studies using positron emission tomography (PET) have looked at what goes on in the brain during hypnosis. These studies reveal significant chemical, electrical and blood flow changes in the brain that help it to better control physical responses. Beyond relaxation, beyond placebo effects, hypnotism creates real change.

Sexual Pleasure Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a) Want more sexual pleasure in your life?
b) Want more intense orgasms?
c) Want more frequent orgasms?
d) Want to experience more sensuality in your life
e) Want a better sex life?

Did you answer “Yes”?

What if you could use a simple technique to experience more sexual pleasure? There is a little known secret to greater pleasure. That secret is a technique that switches on your body’s natural ability to experience a deeper and more profound sensuality and more powerful orgasms, more often.

No Pills, No Herbs, No “Special” Creams

The secret to greater pleasure is in your mind. You can turn up the volume on your body’s capacity for sexual pleasure and sensuality. Techniques are now available that affect the most primal parts of your brain, controlling your sexual responses. You can have better and more frequent orgasms by altering and shaping your physical responses, resulting in a happier, more positive, more satisfying sex life.

The secret to greater pleasure is in your mind, in your natural ability to access and influence your primal subconscious. Advanced hypnotic techniques provide the key to influencing your subconscious. The right expert programs from the best internationally recognized clinical hypnotherapists can increase your body’s experience of sexual pleasure like increasing the picture clarity and volume on your home entertainment center. Hypnosis has been used clinically for decades to block out pain during dentistry and surgery. Used correctly, it also can have the opposite effect – to increase sensation and pleasure. Advanced techniques such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and brain wave entrainment technology make the road to greater pleasure even easier.

Sexual Health and Hypnosis

Problems with sexual health most frequently have both a physiological and a psychological component. The physiological component often involves low hormone levels, side-effects of prescription drugs, or some structural physical challenge. The psychological component is nearly always some form of anxiety.

The most common problems of sexual health that men face are 1) premature ejaculation, and 2) erectile dysfunction. Both these complaints usually have a significant psychological component known as sexual performance anxiety. Though these sexual health problems may originally have a physiological cause, sexual performance anxiety arises because of the fear that the problems will reoccur. The anxiety nearly always makes the problems worse.

The most common problems of sexual health that women face are 1) low arousal, and 2) inability to reach orgasm. Women’s sexual problems tend to be more complex than men’s, and they nearly always involve anxiety. A woman having trouble experiencing orgasm may also experience sexual performance anxiety, but it is likely that her anxiety is also related to a range of other issues from relationship insecurities to body image worries.

Hypnosis has a century long history of success in treating problems with sexual health in both sexes. Hypnosis is especially useful in overcoming many forms of anxiety, including sexual performance anxiety.

To address any underlying physiological sexual health issues, please get a referral from your medical doctor. Sexual health problems can also be treated by qualified sex therapists. To begin your search for a qualified sex therapist, contact the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists at 1-804-644-3288 or www.AASECT.org.

Take Control of Your Orgasms

Whether you are a man or a woman, your orgasms can be longer, deeper, and more intense by mastering these techniques during lovemaking.

Learn Kegels

Your orgasms can definitely be longer and more intense if you learn to control your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles. These are the muscles of the pelvic floor that spasm noticeably when you have an orgasm. When they are healthy, more blood flows to the pelvic area during lovemaking, making your making orgasms stronger. Kegel exercises are the best way to strengthen PC muscles. Just slowly squeeze the same muscle you use to voluntarily hold back urine. Hold for two seconds and then release. Repeat 20 times, three times a day. Guys, this will help you as well.

Slow Down

To slow your orgasms and make them more intense, you alter the rhythm and the rate of your movements during lovemaking. As you approach orgasm, try breathing harder but moving slower. Alternatively, try speeding up your breathing and tensing any set of muscles in your arm, or legs (not your buttocks). This may forestall orgasm, and make it more intense. Don’t forget the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles.

Chill A Little

For more intense and longer orgasms, you can control your breathing during lovemaking in ways that will control your level of arousal. If you squeeze your PC muscles, and change your breathing, while changing your mental focus or your rate of movement you can stay highly aroused for longer periods prior to orgasm. This is called plateauing.

Freud, Sex And Hypnosis

Sigmund Freud used hypnosis early in his career to treat sex-related problems in his patients. The father of modern psychotherapy reportedly abandoned hypnosis after a female patient jumped up from her hypnotic trance and kissed him.

This is hardly a problem that hypnotherapists often face. Freud’s failure with hypnosis becomes more understandable when a little-known fact about him is revealed. Freud was a poor hypnotist not because of any incompetence on his part, but rather because he sometimes slurred his words and had other minor difficulties in speaking.
Freud’s real hypnotic problems were his gums, which were frequently infected and caused him to suffer with ill-fitting dentures throughout most of his adult life.

Milton Erickson, MD, the greatest clinical hypnotherapist of the 20th Century, claimed that the success of a hypnotherapist depends upon his level of skill. By this measure Freud never had a chance to excel with hypnosis.

Later in life , Freud overcame his frustration with hypnosis and admitted that it had led him the right direction in opening the door of the unconscious.

Since Freud, hypnosis has been used for a century to treat sexual problems. In the century since Freud experimented with hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapists have radically improved the effectiveness of hypnotic techniques and methodologies, especially in treating sex-related problems. But Erickson’s advice that the success of hypnosis depends upon the skill of the hypnotherapist still holds true.