End Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety cripples people in their social lives, their jobs, and their bedrooms. Performance anxiety is a major contributing factor to a wide range of sexual problems. In fact, performance anxiety is one of the most common problems contributing to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This condition can also result in lowered self-confidence, relationship difficulties, and sometimes other forms of sexual dysfunction.

Viagra and similar drugs Levitra and Cialis were designed to treat erectile dysfunction, and they are tremendously successful. However, much of the problem of erectile dysfunction, for many men, is a form of performance anxiety, the same condition that makes people anxious about public speaking, or overly shy at parties.

Fortunately, much performance anxiety, like most other forms of anxiety, can be treated with out the expense and side-effects of drugs. Hypnosis in particular has a long track record of success in treating anxiety, including anxiety-related impotence.

Hypnosis Conquers Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety leading to erectile dysfunction is usually rooted in the male’s perception of a sexual encounter as some kind of confrontation or test in which he will be judged by his performance. Men too often forget that sex, especially to a woman, is a form of sharing and intimacy more than it is a contest. When men view sex as a challenge or performance, their brains switch on ancient flight-fight responses. Since they can neither fight nor flee, they become anxious and their erections suffer. With each occurrence, anxiety increases.

Arousal, Orgasm and Sleep

Trouble getting to sleep? You’re not alone– sleep disorders plague millions of people. You may not be surprised to hear there’s evidence that sexual stimulation and a good orgasm can help.

Sexual stimulation and orgasm help you sleep by causing your brain to secrete neurochemicals that induce sleep. For instance, sexual stimulation and arousal send a signal to release dopamine, which helps kill pain and leads to relaxation.

In addition, orgasms release oxytocin, which induces sleepiness within 20-30 minutes in women and two to five minutes in men.

The most effective way to improve your brain’s ability to generate powerful orgasms and profound sleep is to eat well, exercise regularly and use targeted advanced hypnotic methods to improve sensuality, orgasm, and sleep. Hypnotism can slip past conscious mental states associated with the frontal lobes and deliver deep messages that can transform the body’s responses. The latest in brain imaging techniques such as PET scans and fMRI scans show hypnotic programs stimulating brain centers that control specific responses and behaviors.

Orgasm Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a.) Have trouble reaching climax?
b.) Wish your climax was deeper?
c.) Wish you could have multiple orgasms?
d.) Wish you could climax at will?
e.) Wish you could have screaming thrashing peak sexual experiences?

Did you answer “Yes”?

You can have more intense, longer, deeper orgasms, even multiple orgasms, with advanced hypnotic programs from international renowned clinical hypnotist Wendi Friesen. Wendi is highly accomplished at assisting women to experience a greater sensuality and a more profound sexual pleasure. Some of her programs on enhancing sexual experience have received national press and coverage on national television such as Spike TV and Lifetime.

Orgasm On Demand

Not only is Wendi famous for helping women achieve more powerful orgasms with her hypnotic programs, she recently released an absolutely amazing new DVD demonstrating how lovers can hypnotize each other to achieve orgasm at will, even without direct sexual stimulation, merely by the touch of a hand on a wrist or by hearing your lover’s voice. Press here for more information on the mind blowing program titled The Big O.

Oral Sex: Fellatio, Whether You Like It Or Not

Oral sex, fellatio, B.J.s. Men naturally want women to perform fellatio on them. Men much prefer that women enjoy performing oral sex, and may even feel insulted if they don’t. Women on the other hand, may experience more complicated feelings about fellatio. Many women don’t like it at all, and the best they can manage is to fake their way though it.

This very common problem with oral sex can cause all kinds of relationship difficulties. But it doesn’t have to.

The Secret to Enjoying Oral Sex

The secret to enjoying oral sex – for either women or for men – is to experience the link between your own sensuality and the power of giving pleasure. Oral sex can be empowering. Giving fellatio can stimulate your own sensuality. That’s why oral sex is sexually exciting for many people. Unfortunately, a great many women have unconscious neuro-associations that prevent them from experiencing the act of giving pleasure through fellatio as personally stimulating.

For guys who love oral sex and women who feel fellatio is just an obligation, the good news is that these unconscious associations can be changed. Clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen has developed an advanced hypnosis program called Sensual Woman, designed to increase a woman’s sensuality and specifically help her learn to love fellatio. It’s an transformative and empowering program for women, and it carries a full one year money back guarantee.

Achieving Multiple Orgasms

Yes, you can. Both women, and men. No kidding…
Hypnosis is an ideal tool for teaching your body and mind to experience multiple orgasms. Every woman can achieve multiple orgasms—whether they know it or not! However, women are often depleted by stress and exhaustion at the end of the day. They may feel inhibited by a new relationship or by some other factor. Fortunately, advanced hypnotic programs can not only help women overcome stress and fatigue, they can also help amplify sensuality and help women re-experience previous peaks of sexual intensity.

The Hypnotic Path to Multiple Orgasms

Women achieve orgasm – and multiple orgasms- by going through several well documented stages of arousal. Women are capable of different types of orgasms either sequentially within a short period, or in succession. Of course these experiences become more easier with a knowledgeable partner (a good lover). However, women can open themselves to much more frequent and intense orgasms by training their own minds to produce these peaks more easily. The best way to this is with hypnosis.

One advanced hypnotic program that has a track record of helping women achieve multiple orgasms was developed by renowned clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen. The program, Ultimate Orgasm, teaches the mind to enter progressively more intense levels of sexual passion, and to sustain them, so that multiple orgasms can be achieved.

Mind Control: The Ultimate In Sex Techniques

The ultimate in sex techniques is sexual mind control. Real mind control starts not with NLP and hypnotic techniques to seduce and brainwash your date, but in using similar techniques to control your own mind, and therefore your own sexuality.

Mind Control: Controlling Who?

Mind control is a double-edged sword. Want incredibly hot sex, frequent and intense orgasms, and an ultimate sense of self-confidence? Then use the same advanced hypnotic techniques of mind control to master our own mind and life. Real mastery is not about controlling others; it’s about real personal transformation though controlling your own mind first. Then power to influence others comes naturally.

Mind Control Disasters

Here’s a secret most advanced hypnosis websites won’t tell you: Covert hypnotic and other erotic mind control methods will eventually backfire without the necessary mastery of your own psyche. Why? Because the holes in your own psychology will cause you to seek power over others in ways that will undermine your own interests. Have you ever noticed a self-conscious emotional wreck of a man trying to covertly hypnotize a woman in a bar? Trying too hard… confusing n inflated ego with self-confidence?

These people are mind control disasters waiting to happen. When they succeed with women, they believe it’s because of the techniques they learned. And when they fail, they believe it’s because of who they are as men… Don’t let this happen to you!

Control Your Own Mind and Sex Life

Real self confidence, success with women, and an incredibly hot sex life are not the results of a trick or a combinations of tricks. You can definitely get there, but it requires dedication. Sure, advanced hypnotic and NLP programs are powerful…but, as they say about drinking: use them responsibly. Work own your own head first. Master your mind first, and you’ll master your sex life.