Advanced Sex Tricks

Think you know every sex trick in the book? You’ve read the Kama Sutra, and taken a class in Tantra? You know how to find her g-spot, how to control your ejaculations, and exactly how to perform the Venus butterfly technique? Or, do you know about his friendly frenulum, the mysteries of the perineum, and what he likes best about his prostate?

Great, Now It’s Time For Advanced Sex Tricks.

Really advanced sex tricks do not necessarily involve difficult yoga positions or memorizing secret acupuncture points. The advanced stuff is mostly in your head. If you are pretty healthy and know how to please your lover, then the next steps have to do with mastering mental control of your own levels of arousal, mentally controlling the timing and intensity of your own orgasms. The ultimate in these techniques involves being able to mentally control (with permission) your partners arousal and orgasms as well.

Learning Advanced Sex Tricks

The mental techniques that develop really advanced mental sex tricks are similar to the mental rehearsal methods used by Olympic athletes. These techniques bypass conscious control of your body, to influence your limbic brain centers by manipulating memories and visualization. This can be done by learning meditation, using biofeedback or neurofeedback equipment, or by undergoing advanced hypnosis with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Hypnotism is the most dependable method for accomplishing the necessary control, and is also the easiest to use.

Sex, Anxiety, and Hypnosis

Anxiety is the single most common psychological problem associated with sex and sexual intercourse. Studies show that majority of people have experienced some anxiety related to sex.

In men, the form of anxiety experienced most frequently is known as sexual performance anxiety. Men too often tend to view sexual intercourse as a kind of contest or performance that can be measured in terms of success and failure. The anticipation of failure can cause the male brain to release hormones that undermine sexual activity through premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

In women, the form of anxiety experienced most frequently when approaching sexual intercourse is a generalized anxiety related to stress and relationship difficulties. Women tend to view sexual intercourse as a form of intimacy, and so insecurities from relationship instabilities or body image problems can undermine their sexual arousal. Women’s sexual responsiveness tends to be more complex than men’s, but a woman’s anxiety can shut down her ability to become aroused or achieve orgasm just as easily as man’s sexual performance anxiety can cause premature ejaculation.

Hypnosis for Anxiety Related Sex Problems

Fortunately, hypnosis has a strong track record of success in treating anxiety and anxiety-related sexual dysfunctions like low arousal, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. There is also ample evidence that advanced hypnosis can help women achieve orgasm.

Your Brain Is Your Most Powerful Sex Organ

What sex organ gives you your most intense pleasure? That’s right: your brain. Now you can learn to maximize your brain’s potential for pleasure…

Stress and anxiety can destroy a good time in bed. If your mind isn’t in the right place, it won’t matter how healthy you are or how expert your moves. If your mind isn’t in the right place, then you won’t enjoy sex… and your partner probably won’t either.

The most powerful male sex organ is undoubtedly his brain. A guy’s problems are usually in his head whether he wants them to be or not. What are men most afraid of? Erectile dysfunction? Premature ejaculation? Ask any guy who ever had a performance problem and he’ll tell you: his biggest worry is that it might happen again. Studies show that anxiety is enough to cause it to happen again, or at least to take a lot of the pleasure out of something that is supposed to be the ultimate pleasure.

The most powerful female sex organ is also unquestionably her brain. If you don’t believe me, ask any woman how her libido is doing when she’s stressed out by her job, her kids, or her relationship. The answer: Zip. Nada. Anxiety destroys libido in women just as it undermines performance in men.

Exercise Your Most Powerful Sex Organ

Like any other sex organ, your brain needs exercise to function at its best. Otherwise stress and anxiety will take their toll on your sex life.

The most powerful exercise for your mental sex organ is mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsal is the use of active imagination and memory to teach yourself to perform, just as Olympic athletes do.

For this to be successful, you need to be in the right frame of mind (positive, upbeat, and self-confident) as well as the right state of mind (an alpha to theta brain wave state)

The best way to practice mental rehearsal for maximum sexual performance and enjoyment is to use advanced hypnotic programs to take you to the optimal mental state. High tech brain scans of hypnotized subjects have proven that hypnotism powerfully impacts the brain, giving control over pain responses and other bodily functions.

With hypnotism, you can uncover your true sexual potential- radiant sensuality and absolutely ecstatic orgasms.

End Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety cripples people in their social lives, their jobs, and their bedrooms. Performance anxiety is a major contributing factor to a wide range of sexual problems. In fact, performance anxiety is one of the most common problems contributing to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This condition can also result in lowered self-confidence, relationship difficulties, and sometimes other forms of sexual dysfunction.

Viagra and similar drugs Levitra and Cialis were designed to treat erectile dysfunction, and they are tremendously successful. However, much of the problem of erectile dysfunction, for many men, is a form of performance anxiety, the same condition that makes people anxious about public speaking, or overly shy at parties.

Fortunately, much performance anxiety, like most other forms of anxiety, can be treated with out the expense and side-effects of drugs. Hypnosis in particular has a long track record of success in treating anxiety, including anxiety-related impotence.

Hypnosis Conquers Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety leading to erectile dysfunction is usually rooted in the male’s perception of a sexual encounter as some kind of confrontation or test in which he will be judged by his performance. Men too often forget that sex, especially to a woman, is a form of sharing and intimacy more than it is a contest. When men view sex as a challenge or performance, their brains switch on ancient flight-fight responses. Since they can neither fight nor flee, they become anxious and their erections suffer. With each occurrence, anxiety increases.

Arousal, Orgasm and Sleep

Trouble getting to sleep? You’re not alone– sleep disorders plague millions of people. You may not be surprised to hear there’s evidence that sexual stimulation and a good orgasm can help.

Sexual stimulation and orgasm help you sleep by causing your brain to secrete neurochemicals that induce sleep. For instance, sexual stimulation and arousal send a signal to release dopamine, which helps kill pain and leads to relaxation.

In addition, orgasms release oxytocin, which induces sleepiness within 20-30 minutes in women and two to five minutes in men.

The most effective way to improve your brain’s ability to generate powerful orgasms and profound sleep is to eat well, exercise regularly and use targeted advanced hypnotic methods to improve sensuality, orgasm, and sleep. Hypnotism can slip past conscious mental states associated with the frontal lobes and deliver deep messages that can transform the body’s responses. The latest in brain imaging techniques such as PET scans and fMRI scans show hypnotic programs stimulating brain centers that control specific responses and behaviors.

Orgasm Pop Quiz

Do You Ever:
a.) Have trouble reaching climax?
b.) Wish your climax was deeper?
c.) Wish you could have multiple orgasms?
d.) Wish you could climax at will?
e.) Wish you could have screaming thrashing peak sexual experiences?

Did you answer “Yes”?

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