Choosing the Right Wheelbarrow

Like many garden accessories, a wheelbarrow is only handy to have in and around the garden area. No gardeners supply shed is complete without a sturdy wheelbarrow. To make the most of it, get one that is easy to handle when full. When looking for a wheelbarrow to add to your accessories list, look for one with good maneuverability.

The wheelbarrow has come a long way over the years. Tim Carter of shows you the latest advancements in wheelbarrows. There are several types to choose from depending on your needs. There is a wheelbarrow with steel handles and a steel body featuring a hand brake on the handle. This can be important when you are going down a hill so it doesn’t get out of control. Another type has a very large plastic tub. This model also has two tires in front which makes it more stable. Another model that is different from the rest has the location of the wheel further back. This puts the cargo weight on the wheels instead of in your hands. Research wheelbarrows to get the model which meets your project’s needs.

Another important aspect of this garden accessory to look for is durable construction. Although well-built wheelbarrows may cost a little more, it’s worth it to ensure a long, useful life. Remember that no gardeners supply shed is the same, that’s because each chooses gardening tools appropriate to their needs. Look for a wheelbarrow that you are able to lift easily and control. If you don’t have the strength for this, consider getting a garden cart. The only downside to carts is that they are usually made of relatively flimsy metal and are not long lasting or suitable for moving heavy items, such as rocks. As such, the cart doesn’t make the cut for many people’s list of must have gardening accessories.

When you’re looking at adding a wheelbarrow or gardening cart to your list of garden accessories, be sure to take your needs into account and purchase the option that offers you the widest range of options, in addition to maneuverability when full. If you are only going to haul light materials, such as straw, leaves and sawdust, then a gardening cart might be what you need. Just remember that wheelbarrows are essential for heavier jobs. Most gardens supply sheds don’t have room for both a cart and a wheelbarrow and usually opt for the one item that can be used in all circumstances – the wheelbarrow.