Choosing the Perfect Rake

The ideal rake is light weight, and should be almost like the extension of your arm and is one of many valuable garden accessories. If you’ve spent any time raking leaves, you know how much easier the job can be done when you have the perfect garden tool for the task. Since there are so many to choose from, make sure you select the right one for you from the gardeners supply store. Select a rake with a pole handle in scale with your height, and should always avoid bending you back when raking. Own several plastic and metal rakes to suit the task. There are many types of rakes that can be found in your garden accessories department of your local garden supplies, or garden tools supply center one that will suit your purpose.

Large Plastic

These garden accessories have a wide sweep, and of course it is plastic so it doesn’t rust and is lightweight. It’s easy to use and quite effective for clearing from small sandy soil to medium sized dry leaves. On wet leaves it is reluctant to grab its slippery quarry and carried at gardeners supply.


Good garden accessories for any gardener, has a good sturdy design making breaking up soil clods a breeze and when used in “tines- up position”, smoothes surfaces very well. If you treat this 14 tines long handled rake with care you should not have to purchase another at the gardeners supply again.

Welded Bowheads

Are other good garden accessories, fairly similar in design, the main difference being the bowhead rakes are often lighter and easier to manipulate than the more heavy duty flathead types and can be found at most gardeners supply.


In addition to being highly renewable resource garden accessories, it is also lightweight and durable. Bamboo tines are less likely to spear leaves, so having to stop and remove littler is rarely an issue. A well constructed bamboo rake such as this will last for years and will never rust. When it’s time to remove it from active duty, simply chop it up and put it in the compost or use it in the garden for garden art. Check out Yard works Bamboo gardeners’ supply.

Adjustable Metal Rakes

Are garden accessories that range in width from 12 to 18 inches. Well made and sturdy, their tough metal tines are effective leaf grabbers, and they are also useful for de-thatching turf and aerating surface soil. In its closed position, it proves to be an excellent choice for hard-to-reach spots, especially under and around mature shrubs. Most gardeners supply shops should carry these rakes.