Fun Sex

Having fun sex is usually a sign of a great sexual relationship. When two people trust and enjoy each other enough to play sexually with abandon, so that sex is truly fun, then their experience is usually one of great passion and delight.

Having fun sex is usually something that happens because lovers have a good enough sexual relationship to be spontaneously playful with each other, or because they trust each other to the point that their sexual relationship exhibits a childlike lack of inhibition. The best sex often feel like that.

Fun Sex can be learned. Most of us assume that real fun in our sexual relationships is an outcome, something that results from deep intimacy or from deep trust. While that is usually the case, that special kind of openness, relaxation, and abandon can occur because you use the right techniques to open your subconscious mind to fun sex on a level deeper than your own learned inhibitions.

Advanced Hypnosis -The Key To Unlocking Playful and Fun Sex

The best tool to access fun sex in that deep way is hypnosis. Advanced hypnotic programs can help transform sexual relationships from inhibited and self-conscious to delightfully fun and playful. You can banish inhibitions, bolster self-confidence, intensify sensuality, and finally have fun with your sex life.

Tantric Sex and Hypnosis

Tantric sex is not your average experience of lovemaking. It’s a lot more than a nice raga as background music, some scented candles, some special oils, and then a meet between the sheets. In tantric sex, men and women breathe together. The prime tantric sexual position, Yab Yum, is performed sitting up and is powerfully hypnotic. Men have orgasms but they don’t ejaculate. Women have orgasms, and they do ejaculate (a very sacred thing in tantra). Read more “Tantric Sex and Hypnosis”